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Nuts are among the alternative foods that their regular consumption is greatly recommended, and they become most popular in special days of the year such as Yalda night (the longest night of the year) or Nowrouz (New Year period). Nuts and different types of fatty grains have various properties, since in addition to causing the fast sense of being full, they are among the low-calorie materials that their consumption does not cause obesity. There are different types of nuts that you can have some of them directly, or, roast them to improve their tastes, or you can process them in different ways. Many of the nutritionists recommend regular consumption of nuts in the diet.
Why is it recommended to regularly use nuts? The most important reason is the existence of extensive nutrients in nuts. It can be said that nuts include rather complete nutrients; these nutrients include vitamins, minerals, etc. benefiting from all the nutrients in nuts depends on their processing type. One of the best ways to prepare nuts without wasting their nutrients is boiling them.
Not only nuts, but also the dried fruits have extensive advantages for human health. A dried fruit is one that the fluid in it is evaporated to a great extent by the drying processes. The volume of the fruit gets smaller and its appearance becomes wrinkled, but the compaction of its energy increases. In this article, we intend to describe some of the advantages of dried fruits and nuts for human health.
1-Source of protein
The first property of nuts for health is their richness in protein, by which they can help maintain health. You do not need to have different expensive and astonishing foods to provide your body protein. It is only sufficient to have nuts.
2-Properties of nuts: Rich in calcium
One of the properties of nuts is being rich in calcium. Calcium is useful and essential for the health of teeth and bones. If you have encountered with tooth problem or osteoporosis, it is essential to have nuts every day.
3-A source of potassium
Nuts are considered as a natural source for potassium. Potassium is one of the important nutrients for the body that can improve and maintain heart conditions. Maintaining the heart proper conditions preserves the health of all the body.
4-Properties of nuts: A source of vitamin B
Nuts are a healthy food material and a healthy and natural source for vitamin B. In case of having nuts every day and if your body is not confronting with the deficiency of vitamin B, you will be protected against different diseases.
5-Antioxidant function
Nuts contain a considerable amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants have the duty to protect the body against destructive effects due to free radicals.
6-Useful for the health of muscles
If you regularly consume nuts, you will protect the health of your muscles. Consuming this healthy and unique food material can help the tranquility of your muscles and prevent the symptoms such as cramps and stiff muscles in the body.
7-Properties of nuts: Arthritis prevention
By regular consumption of nuts, women can benefit from many of its advantages. These delicious and tasty foods prevent the onset of many diseases that women confront more than men. One of these disease is arthritis that can have negative effects on the health of body.
8-Nutrition of heart
One of the other properties of nuts for health includes its effects on proper heart functioning. Not only consuming nuts is essential for improving the heart performance, but you can even consume them with other edible materials such as vegetables and the fruits rich in nutrients for your heart to benefit from the considered advantages of the.
9-Prevention from brain stroke
Brain stroke can easily be prevented by consuming nuts. If you feel some of the signs of stroke in your body, you’d better consume more nuts regularly, since nuts have powerful properties that can prevent brain strokes.
10-Properties of nuts: Maintaining the brain concentration
A healthy brain is one that can easily concentrate, especially when you are doing various activities that require the brain function. Help yourself to have more concentration by increasing the consumption of nuts.
11-Maintaining oral health
The existing bioactive contents in dry fruits, especially raisin can fight against the microbes affecting the oral disorders. One of the effective materials in the nuts is oleanolic acid that fights against Porphyromonas gingivalis, the cause of periodontal disease. Moreover, oleanolic acid can help prevent dental plaque formation.
12-Strengthening the bones and heart
The group of dried fruits, rich in polyphenols, such as apricot, cranberry, blueberry, and date can help the structure and compaction of bones and protect heart against different problems. Moreover, calcium, manganese, and iron existing in the dried fruits can help prevent osteoporosis.
13-Protecting the digestive system
Similar to fresh fruits, dried fruits are also rich in fiber. Fiber can certainly help in improving the performance of digestive system and maintaining its flexibility.
14-Prevention from chronic diseases
According to Dr. Daniel Gallagher from Minnesota University in the U.S.A., dried fruits have low glycemic load. This can help in preventing the diseases related to blood sugar, such as diabetes. Not only the dried fruits prevent diabetes, but also according to the researcher, they can prevent the onset of cancer, since the contents of some dried fruits can stop the growth pf cancerous cells and suppress their inflammation.
Consuming an apple can take you away from various diseases. Apple and dried apricot daily consumption can prevent the onset of cancer. Apple and dried apricot contain herbal nutritive materials that act as antioxidants. Also, these two edible materials are considered as good sources of fiber. Furthermore, they contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.
16-Skin nourishment
Healthy skin is usually fresh, bright and humid. The foodstuff such as dried mango contains large amounts of herbal nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help in nourishing the skin. Raisin or dried grape can also be used for maintaining skin health and preventing early-aging.
17-Properties of nuts: Rich in potassium
Exactly similar to nuts, dried fruits also contain potassium. Potassium is important for maintaining and adjusting blood pressure. Potassium deficiency potentially cause hypertension. Regular consumption of sodium and potassium compositions can balance the existing water in the body and skin. For the daily requirement of potassium, you can have some dried apricots or died plums.
18-Rich in iron
Consuming iron can help in improving the blood circulation. For the daily requirement of potassium, you can have dried plums or dried apricots or raisin. Plums and apricots can prevent the emergence of anemia. Moreover, raisin is also rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron.
19-Rich in calorie
Calorie indicates the body source of energy. Dried fruits can be the source of energy. Thus, it is recommended to have dried fruits in your breakfasts. A combination of dried fruits such as raisin, and dried cranberry and plum with grains and milk can provide a complete breakfast for everybody. Your body will be ready for doing the required activities by having such a breakfast.
Other properties of nuts for health
20-Helping the digestive system
21-Useful for skin
22-Helping in brightness of skin
23-Preventing dried and dark skin
25-Generally, nuts contain a great amount of important minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, zinc, selenium, and copper, which are essential for the health of vital members of body.

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