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1-It helps the heart health
Many mortalities are occurred due to the diseases related to heart and heart attacks. Heart attacks can occur at any time, and none of us are certainly ready for that. Heart attacks can cause death in seconds. Thus, you should take care of your heart any stage of your life. Exercises and appropriate diet are the best methods for protecting the hearts. Bad cholesterol should be controlled in the body. It is said that pistachio controls the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. Also, it is believed that pistachio helps stimulate the nerves and hence, it causes the heart also to be strengthened in due time.
2-It controls diabetes
In case of excessive sugar in blood, preventing diabetes will be difficult. If you suffer from diabetes type II, a cup of pistachio can help you in confronting with that. A cup of pistachio contains a great amount of phosphorous, helping the protein to be decomposed into amino acids. This controls the glucose level, and hence, it is a good help for the people affected to diabetes.
3-It increases the no. of hemoglobin
Blood requires sufficient amount of hemoglobin. Any deficiency in the no. of hemoglobin can lead in losing the body energy. A rich source of oxygen is essential for blood. Blood us distributed all over the body, guaranteeing the health in an appropriate level. Pistachio has vitamin B6. This vitamin helps prepare oxygen in blood; hence, it increases the no. of hemoglobin in blood.
4-It stimulates the nervous system
The existing vitamin B 6 in pistachio stimulates the nervous system in the body. This vitamin builds amino acids in the body that helps in sending the required signals to the nervous system.
5-It prevents the emergence of Macular degeneration (yellow spot damage)
This problem usually occurs at old age. Macular degeneration leads in losing vision, and causes reading and writing to become difficult for the affected person. Also, it is possible that faces appear oblique for the affected people, and recognizing other to become difficult for them. Human body has free radicals that damage the cells, and this may cause the macular degeneration. Pistachio contains the antioxidants called lutein and zeaxantin. It is said that pistachio fights against free radicals, in such a way that being alive for them will be difficult. Thus, pistachio can prevent cellular damages.
6-It stimulates the immune system of the body
Immunity is a word that is used regularly in our life, since all of us may sometimes be sick. The white blood cells should be strong enough in fighting against microbes and bacteria that cause infections in the body. The existing vitamin B6 in pistachio improves the immune system, since it helps in supplying oxygen to the blood.
7-One of the properties of pistachio is stimulating the glands
Our bodies have various glands that should be healthy in order to do their duties. The glands can work properly if there is the flow of rich blood in them. There are glands the stimulate the platelets and blood cells act as shields for the body. Consuming a fistful of pistachios is essential for the body.
8-Another property of pistachio is to prevent infections
We touch many objects during the day, and this may cause infections. It is believed that vitamin B6 prevents infections, and pistachio contains that vitamin. You should add these delicious kernels to your diet.
9-It prevents cancer
When these cells are increased, they create tumors. The tumors end up in cancer. It is said that pistachio is a rich source of vitamin B6 and stimulates white blood cells, causing them to have the ability to fight against cancer cells and other disorders.
10-It reduces inflammations
Pistachio has anti-inflammatory property and helps in fighting against inflammations. This kernel has vitamin B6 and vitamin E, and this causes it to be as good product for skin.
11-It improves the brain health
The existing vitamin B6 in pistachio helps in activation of various parts of brain, since it delivers the blood rich of oxygen to the brain cells. Thus, the brain activities and performance will be promoted.
12-It is a good energizer for the body
Pistachio is a good source of energy. 100 g of pistachio provides about 570 calories for the body. In addition, consuming protein in providing carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber helps the body. Other vitamins and minerals in this delicious kernel are calcium, zinc, and magnesium.
13-Properties of pistachio: It is useful for controlling the body weight
Perhaps one of the best properties of pistachio is helping the body weight. Pistachio contains HDL (good cholesterol) and provides suitable calorie for the body. The risk of increasing the weight is low due consuming it. Also, it provides adequate protein for the body, and it is worth noting that protein plays an important role in burning the body fat.
14-It prevents dizziness, nausea, and insomnia
Pistachio is a good source of iron, and helps in increasing hemoglobin and red blood cells. Thus, it prevents the disorders such as dizziness, nausea, and insomnia. Therefore, if you encounter with the health problems and weakness, you know what to do. You should add a fistful of pistachio as your daily snack.
15-Properties of pistachio: It is considered as a good sexual stimulator
It has been centuries that pistachio is used as a powerful sexual medicine. Pistachio is useful for sexual disorders.
16-Properties of pistachio: It improves the general health
Since pistachio is rich in antioxidants, it helps in improving the body immune system and fighting against infections and diseases. Thus, it prevents the microbial attacks and promotes the general health.
17-It accelerates the digestion
Due to having fibers, it helps in improving the digestion process and the digestive system. Dietary fiber facilitates the digestion process. The results of the researches in this regard have shown that consuming 20 g of pistachio that contains about 3 g of dietary fiber us quite appropriate for the performance of the digestive system.
18-It increases the cholesterol level
Pistachio has the highest rate of phytoestrogen among the kernels. This material increases the estrogen level and regulates the menstrual cycle and the secondary sexual features.
19-It is useful for the pregnancy and breast-feeding periods
Pistachio is rich in nutrients. Thus, it can provide the required nutrients during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Make sure to add pistachio in your snacks.
20-It helps in reducing cholesterol and hypertension
Research in this regard has shown that consuming pistachio can reduce cholesterol and hypertension.
Some of the properties of pistachio for skin
21-It prevents early aging
Vitamin e is the queen of all vitamins, having extensive advantages for skin. Pistachio is a rich source of vitamin E that prevents early aging. This delicious kernel also nourishes the skin and give it a proper texture. You can buy pistachio oil and use it on your skin. Let the oil to remain on your face all the night and wash it in the morning. If you follow this method in daily basis, you will certainly benefit from its advantages.
22-It maintains humidity on your skin
When you can easily use natural ointments on your skin, why do you look for expensive products and moisturizers? Pistachio oil is a natural moisturizer, which not only cleans your skin, but it also guarantees your skin to get rid of impurities in its depth. This oil removes dryness of your skin and keeps your skin healthy and bright.
23-It causes more brightness of your skin
It is stated that the existing fatty acids in pistachio improve the skin color, and this is among the best properties of pistachio.
Although black or white skin is not a criterion for distinguishing between human beings, but everybody is interested in a bright and fresh skin. We examine various methods for having a beautiful skin, but most of them are waste of time. You can use pistachio oil to brighten your skin. Take some drops of oil by the tip of your fingers and gently massage it on your skin and neck. Let the oil to remain for some hours and then wash it by ordinary water.
24-It protects your skin against damages
Skin should be adequately ready to fight against solar UV radiation. We cannot avoid radiations, but we can prevent from their damages. Use the pistachio oil on your face, hands, and neck to prevent skin cancer. If you encounter with sunburn or if your skin has gone darker, this ointment can be a suitable treatment for you.

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Calorie: 140
Total Fat (gr): 15.6
Sodium (mg): 270
Carbohydrate (gr): 8.1
Protein (gr): 4.35
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12 Package 125 gr 190813200015
12 Package 125 gr 190813200015