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Sunflower seeds have warm and dry temper. Some of the most important advantages of these valuable herbal seeds are as follows:
-Similar to pumpkin seeds, consuming sunflower seeds prevent the emergence of prostate cancer, especially its invading type in men, to a great extent.
-One of the properties of these seeds is reducing rheumatic pains.
-One of the most important materials in various types of seeds such as sunflower seeds is omega-3 fatty acids, being essential for brain, heart, and blood health as well as the health of other parts of the body.
-Sunflower seeds are rich in different vitamins, especially vitamin E, which is useful for the skin health and rejuvenating the skin. Consuming sunflower seeds, especially the non-roasted seeds protects skin against UV radiation and reduces wrinkles.
-Sunflower seeds contain lots of oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, and minerals, and consuming them is quite useful for the health of liver.
-Sunflower seeds contain a substance called phytosterol, which has a structure similar to cholesterol, and consuming the adequate amount of it helps in reducing the cholesterol and hence the cardiovascular diseases.
-One of the other properties of sunflower seeds is helping in treating diarrhea. For that purpose, place about 30 g of the seeds in water and cook slowly for about an hour. Then, sweeten it by sugar or candy and give it to the patient.
-Consuming sunflower seeds is useful for the home treatment of cold and relieving the resulted headaches. In this regard, place about 30 g of the seeds in two glasses of boiling water and let it boil until about half a glass of the water is remained. Have the boiled substance twice a day.

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Calorie: 135
Total Fat (gr): 15
Sodium (mg): 389
Carbohydrate (gr): 7.5
Protein (gr): 5.6
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12 Package 125 gr 190813200015
12 Package 125 gr 190813200015
12 Package 125 gr 190813200015